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Mon, Sep 27, 2021 10:47 PM

Animal actors?

Is the following no longer valid?

  • Animals and inanimate objects (i.e., Wilson the Volleyball) can be listed as actors if they appear in the credits as cast members. Please use your best guess as to gender. (After the new name page is created, you should probably also include a biographical trivia note (i.e., "Is a dog").

I fixed a cast list for a new feature, and one of the updates included adding a credited animal actor that played a large, pivotal role. The trivia item to identify it as a non-human was declined: 210924-204905-765000

Granted, I forgot the word "Is" in the update (the example given in the contributors' guide), but perhaps the list manager could have used his or her best judgement and adjusted. Or has the policy changed on how to list animals?

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20 d ago

Thanks for your message.


Your trivia submission was made of one word. Simply re-submit this request but while making sure you amend this to at least a phrase something like Ozzy is a performer dog.

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Two words, actually, but point taken and I'll resubmit the item ammended. Thank you kindly for looking into it!

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