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Saturday, December 9th, 2023 2:36 PM


Add’l guidance re: crew credits/music department

Hi: I am media composer and I have reviewed the policy, help pages, etc. on IMDb‘s policy regarding crew, credits and music department credits, but I am still unclear as to how/whether I can include on an IMDb page/account the music that I have composed for various television productions that are easily verifiable by other sources (e.g., my cue sheets with ASCAP) but are uncredited in the actual productions.  I have found other music composers whose work in this fashion are included on IMDb as “additional music” credits, even though they are not actually named in the credits.  I just wanted to confirm whether this is acceptable per IMDb’s standards/policy. 



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3 months ago

Hello StanSeymourMusic,

You credit can be submitted to the Music Department using the "uncredited" attribute, make sure to submit valid evidence with your submission for us to make sure that the addition is valid. You can find instructions and help in our Help Articles.