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Friday, September 2nd, 2022 12:05 AM


Adding Actor names to trailers

Hi @Michelle,

thank you for your fast work on the last trailers.

As the thread is closed, I'm opening a new one here for some more:

1- This actor features in the following trailers at the indicated time stamps:

a) and (newly added, dubbed trailers)
at 00:27, 00:50-00:52, 00:55-00:56 (text starts at 00:55) and some more

b) at 1:15-1:16 clearly discernible at the left fringe (and before that at 1:14-1:15 on the left side behind the bishop but that might be harder to discern)

c) at 00:10 at the centre of the scene standing upright and defiantly facing the king with folded arms although the picture quality is so bad that it might not be easily discernible (in the film itself, it is much clearer, here is a still from the scene to verify

d) at 00:09 restraining Ray Liotta, at 00:25 walking across the front of the scene, at 01:08 to the right with a gun

2- This actor is in very prominently in this one right in the first 5 seconds and pretty much in the whole clip, but just as an example very clearly at 00:13-00:24

3- In this trailer the following actors are prominently visible: at 00:08-00:10, 00:11-00:12 and more at 00:04-00:06 at 00:02-00:03, at 00:12-00:13 and more

Also a question: Is there a way to suggest official trailers for titles or series seasons/episodes that have none or little uploaded so far?

Thank you.

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1 year ago

Hi Susanne- 

Thank you for posting the trailer links and the name page links with the time stamps! I have now tagged all of the actors that you have posted above to the respective trailers. The changes will be live on the site shortly for each one of them. 

In regards to your last question, official trailers/videos can be added directly by the filmmakers, studios, production companies and so-on. If you happen to be part of any of these, you are able to upload or suggest trailers for films or TV series. However, if you are not within any of these categories, you are welcome to suggest/contribute trailers or video clips through the External Video links section on the title page of any film or TV series. For example: Goodfellas (1990) (note: these trailer/videos will not appear on the main trailer/video sections but they will have a link on the top right corner called "External video clips and trailers," see Goodfellas (1990)). 


You can review this information in more detailed on our following Video Content Help Guide

I hope this helps and let us know if you have any further questions/issues!