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Tue, May 17, 2022 2:54 PM

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add "incorrectly regarded as goof" to the first Edit Goofs page list

Currently the Goofs page edit gives a list of options that doesn't have "incorrectly regarded as goof".

So one has to first enter something as a goof, and after it is processed by editing team and to the page for all to see, then he/ she or someone has to mark that as "incorrectly regarded as goof".

What is the need of keeping this one option out? I may notice some goof, and think about it to find an explanation of it, so I might wish to add it for all as "incorrectly regarded as goof" to begin with. Or, I notice a goof and edit the page, but later on in the movie, I found an explanation, so I now want that to be "incorrectly regarded as goof", but the item will take a week or 10 days before it is cleared by the editing team, if at all, and one cannot keep track of all this to remember to go check, correct after 10 days.

so, please consider whether "incorrectly regarded as goof" can also be included in the first Goofs page Edit list.


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