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Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 10:19 AM


A title exists with the correct credit but it does not appear in the filmography of the actor.


I was checking the filmography of an Italian comedian (Corrado Guzzanti) who did some TV show in the early days.

A TV show (Avanzi) from 1991 was not mentioned in the filmography. Yet the show exists in the IMDB and the actor is included in the cast.

So I think that there might be something wrong in the link between the two but I could not figure out what.

Could anybody check what is wrong there?

Thank you


Accepted Solution

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1 year ago

The show is listed on his page under 'Self'. You have to scroll the list under 'Credits' to the left for the 'Self' category to appear, at least on the page I am looking at.

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@owenrees​ Thank you, I see.

So that should be corrected. As soon as I have time I'll edit something.