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Wednesday, July 10th, 2024 4:53 AM


A problem and question I have with 3 Arts Entertainment and it's people when editing on IMDb

Hey I being trying to add 3 Arts Entertainment's name in the production and sales representatives / ISA credits to certain movies and shows due to the producers and executive of those movies and shows are still running and operating 3 Arts, but the people on this website are not allowing the edits to be made. So I have to ask this question first: "Can a producer still produce a film without the help of his/her company that are running still?" Also I know what you might say is I need better proof, but the only better proof is on their website at But it is just an image and the website needs an upgrade. So I need someone or anyone at IMDb who has contacts with 3 Arts to tell them to update their website now and give us the truth of why it's producers produced those movies and shows. Also I have a list of people who are running and still working at 3 Arts Entertainment (starting from 1993 or the years they started working there) and their IMDb pages as an example of why I am trying to put 3 Arts' name in the production of The Replacements with Keanu Reeves to other films.

  1. Erwin Stoff 
  2. Michael Rotenberg 
  3. Howard Klein
  4. Dave Becky
  5. David Miner 
  6. Molly Madden
  7. Nick Frenkel
  8. Olivia Gerke 
  9. Tom Lassally 
  10. Richard Abate 
  11. Will Rowbotham
  12. Jermaine Johnson

Finally here is my resubmit of the edit at 

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10 days ago


If 3 Arts is associated with this website, let me know please. 

Also here are some Linkedin pages of those who started different



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9 days ago

Hi @alex_hartsell -

When a producer works on a film it doesn't automatically imply that the production company they are associated with is involved in the film's production; for example, producers can work on projects independently or under the banner of different production companies. 

In this case, since the company is not credited on-screen we will require evidence to verify the production company is directly involved before we can approve the company credits.

I hope this helps!