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Saturday, April 16th, 2022 11:22 PM


A few random keywords to block and delete ("streaming," "genre," "film-directed-by," "uttar-kumar")

​The following keywords should be mass-deleted and blocked from the system.​

​These keywords are similar to the ​​"pay-video" keywords​​ that were previously deleted. These should be deleted as well:​

​streaming​​ (66 titles)​

​video-on-demand​​ (18 titles)​

​pay-per-view​​ (146 titles)​

​paid-viewing​​ (228 titles)​

​These keywords are random and nonsensical or improperly formatted:​

​fight-beyond​​ (9 titles)​

​woman-debut​​ (9 titles)​

​blondes-and-brunettes​​ (46 titles)​

​These keywords have all been added to titles starring the actor Uttar Kumar, so they should be deleted rather than converted to "reference-to-" keywords:​

​uttar-kumar​​ (24 titles)​

​uttar-kumar-song​​ (16 titles)​

​uttar-kumar-films​​ (14 titles)​

​These should be deleted and blocked for obvious reasons:​

​film-directed-by-jesus-franco​​ (202 titles)​

​film-writed-by-jesus-franco​​ (171 titles)​

​film-directed-by-joe-d'amato​​ (193 titles)​

​And finally, these "genre" keywords are so vague that they are worthless:​

​genre​​ (19 titles)​

​subgenre​​ (2 titles)​

​genre-movie​​ (2 titles)​

​film-genre​​ (4 titles)​

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11 months ago

Hi -


Thanks for reporting this! All the mentioned keywords have been deleted and blocked.



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@Bethanny​ Thank you!

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11 months ago

Keyword expert: There are a few examples of proper use of the "streaming" keyword:

What to Watch (2020– )
Episode: September's Most Anticipated Streaming Titles (2020)

A new season of "The Boys," a Janelle Monáe thriller, and Ridley Scott's US TV debut top the list of the month's most anticipated films and shows to stream from home.

WION: Gravitas Plus (2020– )
Episode: Who Will Win the Streaming Wars? (2021)

In this 68th episode of the "WION: Gravitas Plus", Palki Sharma explores the new rules of the OTT platform.

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@gromit82​ Good catch. The "streaming" keyword has already been blocked, and the titles you found are remnants that still appear in the keyword search results (but not for long). I also found some other appropriate uses of this keyword using Google cache.

What I will do is add "streaming-video" to those titles to replace "streaming."

Edit: I also added "livestreaming" to some of the titles.