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Sat, Jan 22, 2022 2:12 AM


100,000+ podcast episodes have been submitted with incorrect country name. Possibly done by Nomissimon10.

I discovered that a large number (nearly 100,000+?) of podcast episodes have the release date with incorrect country name.

For example, this is an American podcast shows, but it is displayed as having been released in Norway.
Norway 28 September 2018
Norway 15 October 2018

Next example, the podcast show from "German-speaking area", not limited to German-production, but it is said released in Norway.

Norway 10 December 2019

When it comes to Norway, I also noted that an one of last year's Top 250 contributor, an account named Nomissimon10 (Simon Lyngar) said, he wrote an automatic computer program and submitted a lot of info. So he made a mess of it.

Here: https://community-imdb.sprinklr.com/conversations/data-issues-policy-discussions/imdb-top-300-data-contributors-for-2021-and-happy-new-year-2022-from-imdb/61d013ded8944f34de691c4e?commentId=61d0161b7daadb4938f1c18b&replyId=61d0e924e4279c627b17b5b9

He said that he copies information from Spotify, but many podcast websites (including Spotify) are often incorrectly displayed release date without proper handling of time zone differences.

IMDb staffs should check all the submissions he has made and correctly change or delete release dates. It is like kind of a vandalism.


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A release date entry wouldn't imply "country of origin", it means it's released on that country too.

So I don't think anything's wrong with your example links.



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Hi narzum -

As mbmb mentioned above, a country listed for a Release Date is not the same thing as 'country of origin'.  When the information is available, we will list release dates for any country for which the title has been released in.  So if the podcast was released in both Norway and in the US, we would display both those details within this section. 

For these examples, if you are aware of other missing release dates per country, you are welcome to submit those through our online Update form. 

I hope this helps clarify!