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Mon, Jan 8, 2018 11:29 PM


New changes to are horrible

There are numerous problems with the new changes that have taken place to IMDb over the past month or so.  The biggest issue is that the pages won't load at all, I constant either have to reload the page numerous times or I have to press the back arrow then forward arrow in order to actually see the page I want, be it a movie or a TV show or a person's page.

Other issues I have with the site:
Sometimes when clicking on a person's Awards section, I can't click on the year of their award to see the details of that award.  For example, if I click on James Cameron's Awards page, it will show "Oscars, 1998 Titanic"  I used to be able to click on the 1998 year listed in order to see the info of those Oscars, but now I can't anymore.

I hate that a User Review Comment doesn't appear at the bottom of a Movie/TV show anymore.

A lot of browsing options have been removed from the TV show section (such as Episode Cast, or including the number of seasons on the main page)

I hate that a person's filmography doesn't include the number of their listings anymore.  For example, someone like Christopher Lee had #280 credits, but rather than listing them in order by number where it's easier to search through, now the numbers don't appear anymore.

Overall, pretty much all the updates to the website have not improved the site, it has made it worse.  And believe me, I'm not the only one who hates these changes, numerous people I have talked with who are also frequent users of the site hate the changes.  I know my complaining won't make any difference, but I just needed to vent and let you know that I am not pleased at all.

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