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FAQ: Selection Criteria for Polls

FAQ: Key Threads - IMDb Poll FAQs Index


Welcome to the IMDb poll message
board and the IMDb message boards in general.

Just because a poll has not gone live, does not mean that it is not a worthy candidate for going live in the future.

It takes time and effort to develop a poll that is both enjoyable to take and meets IMDb's minimum standards. Polls with very clear criteria that limit their scope, are well written and unique generally go live faster than polls that have broad criteria.

The IMDb Poll message board receives on average between five and ten poll suggestions per day. If you see a poll you like that has not gone live, you can help get that poll noticed by casting a straw vote or making constructive suggestions in the poll suggestion thread. Likewise, if you would like to suggest a poll for consideration, please create a list and suggest the poll in a thread. For details please read "Learn how to create polls on IMDb".

FAQ: So You Want to Make an IMDb Poll? Here's How...

An administrator reviews the poll suggestions, reviews the threads and publishes the poll based on these basic criteria.

1. Was the poll suggested on the IMDb Poll message board?
2. Has the author created a list for the poll?
3. Are there at most 35 choices? Polls with limited choices are given preference.
4. Did the author include a clickable link to the list in his/her post?
5. Did the author include in the list a clickable link back to the thread? The link back allows people taking the poll to comment on the poll.
6. Is the poll question compelling and/or unique?
7. Are the choices in the poll likely answers to the question?
8. Are descriptions clear, concise and grammatical?
9. Is the author a new author with two or less published polls? New author are given preference so long as the poll meets the above criteria.
10. Has the author made a reasonable attempt to incorporate suggestions from other contributors?
11. Do the majority of choices have images? Are the images compelling? Preference is given to polls that have images for all choices.
12. Is the poll timely? For instance does the poll publicize a current event such as the death of a well known actor or actress?
13. Have other contributors shown interest in the poll suggestion?
14. Will people likely vote in this poll?
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