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Kasandra Clemente Producer/Writer/Director/Casting Director/ Founder/CEO/President Circle One Visionary Multi-Media Center Promoting “Global Unity Through Peaceful Media.” Proven Hollywood Film and TV Industry Positions Five consecutive years freelancing at several Hollywood Major Studios and well-known TV Shows— 20th Century-Fox, MGM, Paramount, and Columbia, as well as KTTV Channel 11, NBC, CBS & ABC Television: First hired at 20thCentury Fox typing Contracts in the Legal Department, then transferred to different Departments, and Independent Productions within several Major Studios, as Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Writer’s Secretary & Receptionist/Liaison with Top Executives, Producers, Screenwriters and Celebrities—--Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone,” Norman Lear’s “All In The Family,” “The Barbara Walters Show,”; Recent MFA, Screenwriting/Directing and Wrote 4 innovative, timely screenplays, 3 Film Treatments, etc. Resume upon request.:)



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