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I’ve been hanging out at IMDb since it was brand new... Usually like everything including season eight of Game of Thrones. Favorites: Perry Mason (tos), The Outer limits (tos), Star Trek (ALL series and films including Discovery and Beyond), Old movies between 1930 and 1935, World War II movies, film noir of the 50s, television shows of the 50s and 60s some of which I am now remembering for the first time, Lord of the rings, the hobbit. The Expanse. Altered Carbon (both seasons). Westworld (all seasons). Stranger Things (including season three). Amazon shows: tales from the loop, the boys, Upload, hotel Artemis. Good shows happened then and now. “What is this, like the Indy 500“ “It’s the Indy 300!“ “No, Dingus, it’s 500!“ “300!” “Let’s say a million!“ - Steve Harrington and Robin, Stranger Things “The Bite”



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