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Fri, Mar 19, 2021 2:47 AM


Who are Filmmakers?

As I was signing into my IMDB Pro account I was asked which category best describes me.  I'm a Production Designer of 20 years with over 60 features to my credit so naturally I clicked "Film Maker" only to discover that you only consider Directors, DP's, Writers, and Producers to be "Film Makers".  Production Designers fall in with "Crew".  I'm beyond insulted!!!  Just exactly what do you think a Designer does?  Who is putting the entire look of a film together and placing in front of the camera so that the a DP can take pictures of it.  SERIOUSLY?  That's a load of BS.  

Personally I think you should get rid of the category of Crew all together.  Every single person on a film crew is a film maker.  It is only large artistic creation.  But if you insist on dividing the people up you need to include Designers in with the DP and the Director.  There's a reason that Designers and Art Directors get Academy Awards.  



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This apparently is off limits for comments!



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A very humble five-cents comment on my part: I really feel you on that matter, however it's very much a case-to-case scenario. One could argue that certain crews are comprised exclusively of filmmakers. One could also argue that in certain cases production designer is a hired crew member whose input is limited. 

I have a feeling that we're in the 50/50 situation when both of these statements are somewhat accurate and yet both could also be wrong in certain cases.