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Wed, Jun 9, 2021 2:50 PM

What do I do if my Amazon Prime and IMDB accounts are in different names?

So Amazon are offering me a discount if I renew my membership to IMDBPro, however, they want to link my IMDB account to Prime but one is established in my professional name whilst the other is regsieterd in my legal name. 

Surely I cannot be the only professional actor who has to for union reasons trade under a name that isn't my legal one and does Amazon recognise this?

What can I do?

Thank you.




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11 d ago

Hi @MartinJohnstonActor

In order to receive the Amazon Prime discount, you will need to link an Amazon Prime account to your IMDbPro membership. Please know that all of billing on IMDbPro is processed through the Amazon Payments system which will require an Amazon account. The name on your Amazon and IMDbPro accounts do not have to match.  


Note, you do not have to use a personal Amazon account or a Prime account, and that you are more than able to create an additional Amazon account for the sole purposes of maintaining an IMDbPro membership, if so desired.


For steps on linking IMDb and Amazon accounts, please see our help article: