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Sat, Jul 10, 2021 7:05 PM


Uploading Actors Pictures to film site

I feel that IMBd should allow IMBdpro account holders to be able to upload actors' pictures to the actors who don't have an IMBd account.  Often (like in my case) have children actors (and parents) who can't afford the membership and maybe their only time to ever be in a film. I would be nice to at least have their pictures on the film site. 

For the actors who want to access all the great membership benefits and maintain a professional page for their career, I get it.  

But, to NOT be able to put an actor's picture on a film site that I pay for seems excessive.

There should be an option to allow pics to be added to the film page by the director or producer for the actors who may want to option out of the benifets or cant afford to pay for it. 

John Carpenter

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