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Sat, Aug 27, 2016 1:07 PM

Titles and Name pages under IMDb Pro

I am new to IMDb. I want to add titles for my short films and name pages of my crew. My question is how many titles and name pages I can creat with one IMDb pro account??




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5 y ago

Chandan: There is no limit to how many title pages and new name pages you can submit to be created with one account, whether an IMDbPro account or a free account.

However, there is a limit to how many name pages you can claim with one IMDbPro account -- that is, how many name pages you can add photographs to. That would be 1 name page. Each IMDbPro subscription allows you to claim and add photos to only one name page.

If you want to manage the photos for one person, you need to pay for one IMDbPro subscription. For two people, you need to pay for two IMDbPro subscriptions, and so on.

Also, for each IMDbPro subscription you purchase, you need to register it with a separate e-mail address. So if you want to buy a second IMDbPro subscription, you will need to have a different e-mail address of your own, not the same e-mail address under which you registered the first IMDbPro subscription.

I hope this helps.

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5 y ago

Gormit, thanks for these valuable information. Truly appreciated.