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Mon, May 3, 2021 5:09 PM

This account!!

Someone used my information & opened this account!!& I've sent emails back to stating that evrytime i get an mail from you guys! I've sent more then I can count! I can not afford this charge & I never agreed to making this charge & if you look you'll see that I don't now or ever even go on this site!! Because I can't afford it!! Yet evry month you keep taking the money from my account! I realize it's not your fault as far as assuming it was me & it was legit because this Person has forged all kinds of things causing me all kinds of problems!! I do have a regular IMDB account but it doesn't cost anything because I can't afford it but IMDB account is free. That's the only reason I never got a pro account with u guys, because I love IMDB, they're ALWAYS right on point with their opinion of the movies so I never have2guess I just check the FREE IMDB account to see what rating u've given a movie I wanted to see & I know I don't have2 look any further. But you can look yourself & see I've never even been on the pro account! Evrytime I get an email from you guys (IMDB Pro) I send a reply to it but never get any response & still you have not removed me from that pro account!& still you guys are charging evry month for an account I've never even used!! This time I'm asking you to please refund the money you have "pending on hold" on my account. PLEASE!! I do not, nor have I ever, even used that account!!& you have to be able to see it because after months & months your still sending me emails on how to do the first steps ect...after paying for it for SEVERAL month's on end. Please, please cancel this pro account & please refund the payment you removed from my card & put it back on my card Please. I'm a spinal cancer paitent & live on a very little amount of money each month. I'm extremely ill almost all the time & just don't have alot of strength or will to peruse it like I should've evrytime the money was TOOKEN off my credit card. I haven't even been able to change my card yet because I'm still waiting to change all the accounts that are mine & need to be paid on time evry month like rent,lights,meds ect.. I thank you for your service but again, I've never even used the pro account.




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4 d ago

Hi @Teresa54

I've reviewed the account and see that the IMDbPro membership has already been cancelled. If you require further assistance, you're always welcome to reach out to our Customer Service team directly via the IMDb Contact Us Form