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Sat, Aug 16, 2014 8:07 PM


Suggestion for the new CASTING BREAKDOWNS listings

Having just tried to cast a short film, I see an opportunity for IMDb's Casting Breakdowns.

It's always a problem that anyone faces, and has always faced: irrelevant blasts of submissions. I just went through this; EVERY ACTOR who submitted to my project, and who attracted my attention as a potential candidate, was not actually available for various reasons.

Perhaps IMDb could enhance the submission process by simply adding confirmation radio buttons to the submission process. For instance:
  1. Do you understand that the union status is XX? Yes No
  2. Do you understand that the pay rate is XX? Yes No
  3. Do you understand that the production location is XX? Yes No
  4. Do you understand that the production time frame is XX? Yes No
  5. Do you understand that the role calls for <ethnic> <gender> <age range>? Yes No
Perhaps such a process, which seems as if it might be easy to implement, would make the IMDb Casting Breakdowns uniquely valuable to filmmakers.


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