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Mon, Nov 30, 2020 5:29 AM



Selected featured trailer to show on actor's main page

We selected one of two trailers as the Primary Video, but it is not showing on the main page of the actor.

How do we get the selected Primary Video (which thumbnail image features the actor's image) to show on the actor's main page instead of the current one (which features another person on the thumbnail image)?

Video Gallery:

Actor's Main Page:





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3 months ago

Hi @antz 

I see that the Trailer for Savage Dog is currently displayed as the featured video on the IMDb page for JuJu ChanIf you're looking to update the featured video to display as Jiu Jitsu instead, please take the following steps to update the featured video: 

  1. Go to your Name Page on IMDbPro
  2. Select the “Videos” tab, and proceed to click on “Edit videos”
  3. On the “Videos” panel, click on Primary video.
  4. Select the video desired to be featured on your page, and click save.

If you're still having trouble, please help provide further details on what you are looking to accomplish. Thanks!

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3 months ago

Thanks Taylor,

Before asking on this forum we had already clicked "Primary Video" on Jiu Jitsu, but the main page remained on Savage Dog. We discovered that the problem was we needed to go deeper and click on "Use Your Choice" within the Primary Video choices as well, which is odd as the Savage Dog video didn't make up the choice within Primary Video. But anyway... thanks for trying to help. Very much appreciated.