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Sun, Jul 31, 2022 10:27 AM



Second account for my other son

Hi there 

both my sons had an IMBD account not set up by us- recently I made an IMBD pro account for my eldest and want to set up one for my youngest as well so I can add credits and photos. 

how do I add a second account as it seems you can only have one per Ama’s count 

also at some point I will need to transfer my eldest sons account to him - so how do I change his account linked on my Amazon to his Amazon account ? Thanks 





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4 months ago

Hi there,


At this time you can claim and add photos to only one IMDb page with your IMDbPro membership. If you'd like to claim the page for another individual, you'll need to log out and create a second IMDbPro membership with a separate email and Amazon account.


Also, please note, your IMDb and Amazon accounts cannot be unlinked while your IMDbPro membership is active.


When you decide to do this process you can contact us here and we will give you further details.