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Sun, Jan 21, 2018 10:03 PM


Renewal Problems Still.....

Okay......there is a problem and it seems as though IMDB Pro does not want to fix my problem.

I have renewed over 24 hours ago and my page is still not up the way it was before my card expired. I was told that my previous information/resume/data would be back up and so far it is not. Fix my problem that I had already emailed you at least 3 times earlier today about. For the last time here are the problems. 1) When I log in it says Julie Kaufmann. But that is not me, because my correct profile name is Julie Michelle Kaufmann. 2) This profile page belongs to a different Julie Kaufmann and they have a film in 2006 called Scarey. I do not have a film because I have a screenplay. I always use Julie Michelle Kaufmann for my profiles. 3) The only thing on the Julie Kaufmann page that belongs to me are my contact details and the film festival award pictures. 4) It looks as though IMDB Pro has mixed my page up with another person and has included them on my profile page. Please fix now because I was told after renewing that all of my previous information that was on my page would be there 12-24 hours after renewing. So far IMDB Pro has done nothing to fix the problems. I paid for the service and so IMDB Pro should feel a sense of urgency to get the problems fixed once and for all. Thank you. Julie

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