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Sat, Aug 20, 2022 12:27 AM



Refund Request- Accidentally signed up for a year

I did not realize that I was going to be charged the full yearly membership for the time that I used IMDB. I did register to use it for one month and was going to cancel before I was charged, but I did not cancel in time.  Is it possible to get a refund for the rest of the year (11 months) that I will not be using the service.  I did use it for 1 month but I do not wish to be charged for a full year and have canceled my account but would like to see if I can get a refund.  I appreciate your help with this misunderstanding very much.




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4 months ago

Hello there @Emma_Grissom,


My name is Vic from IMDb Support, thank you for contacting us.

I already replied directly to your email.

Please let me know if I can offer you any further assistance.