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Wed, Jul 23, 2014 2:33 PM


Rank and file of Deceased actors. How does STARmeter work?

Since WHEN is Dave Legeno, Elaine Stritch and Phillip Seymour Hoffman BIGGER stars than James Garner, Mickey Rooney and Shirley Temple??? Who the heck is running this site? Twenty somethings?? This site is SUPPOSED to be accurate. I am 3 months younger than the founder of it. The star-o-meter should NOT disregard but be an ACCURATE account of ALL the stars that have graced our screens not just the ones in league with Harry Potter and that generation. Get it right!! Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney are bigger stars than you can even comprehend! These two painted the way for this site to be born. GET IT RIGHT!




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7 years ago

STARmeter is not a ranking of people over time, and was never intended to be. It is a snapshot of who people are most interested in at this time.  It is, I believe, generated primarily from the number of hits on a person's page over the week.

It is not intended to indicate the quality of the people's work or the longevity of it. It is strictly a look at this week's popularity.