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Wed, Jan 5, 2022 12:00 PM


Payment troubles to membership fees, deletion of data/photo, uploaded data turning erroneous.

1) According to IMDB Pro (Amazon) administration, membership payments are declining. Further they are not giving any screenshot or transaction details of those declining payments. I cannot talk/complaint of my bankers with specific complaint matter with concerned government authorities about declining of payments. 

2) My uploaded data in jobs applied section and photos were deleted of their own.

3) Uploaded data to my work and else was understood turning erroneous.




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21 d ago

Hi there @Alan_Anil1972  ,



I've reviewed the billing for your membership and see the monthly fee was declined by your card provider.


Unfortunately, when the authorization is denied, the card provider doesn't provide us with details for the decline.


If you're still experiencing difficulties with the charge being declined, we recommend contacting your card provider who can provide you with further details. 


While your membership is active, our billing system will attempt to charge your card again. If the charges are still declined, you may need to use a different card. 


Also, I would like to know exactly what information is wrong or has been removed so that I can better help you.