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Sat, Dec 4, 2021 4:24 AM



Password, Pro sign up, Amazon = Frustration

Howdy all,

When I go to the login screen, the only option is to choose one of the portals OR create a new account. I have a Google account, so I choose to log in thru there.

That portal has my main password.  Then, when I go to check my IMDb password, its not the same...and I don't know my password.

I'm trying to sign up for pro, and when I go to do that- it takes me to Amazon.  Now I tried to sign in there, and their VERY cumbersome 'coding' system (with all the blurry letters... kept on telling me I was wrong so I tried to do the "hearing" one.

Well, after 3 mistakes on that, I finally got that.  Then Amazon asked me my full name on the account, and me... in my frustration probably hit the wrong letter, and now I'm blocked out of Amazon.

So, I miss out on getting the 'special deal' because it seems these sites make it very cumbersome, and so many gate keeping blockers, when a simple "Forgot Password" click could have solved the entire issue.

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6 m ago

It took me 8 tries to get the code from my email to get access to tis forum.

Ridiculous... you literally have t have your email open right next to you to get it in there in time 




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5 m ago

Hello Greg,


Creating or renewing an IMDbPro membership without linking your Amazon account is not possible at this time. If you do not have an existing Amazon account to link, we welcome you to create a free one at this time, so you may continue with creating your membership. Amazon makes it easy, so you do not have to re-enter your card and billing details when joining or renewing your IMDbPro membership.

You can also set your preferred payment method within your Amazon account for future IMDbPro payments to default to.


To link your accounts, please take the following steps:

1. Visit the IMDbPro sign up page: https://pro.imdb.com

2. Under the "Log In" drop down menu, select "Login with Amazon"

3. Input the login details for your Amazon account

4. Give IMDb permission to log in with your Amazon account

5. Refer to "Already have a IMDb account?", and select "Connect it to your Amazon account"

6. Input your login details to connect your IMDb account

7. Once you've linked your accounts you'll be able to select your membership level and payment method to renew your membership If you experience further difficulties joining, please confirm the email registered to your Amazon account.


Additionally, for your reference, you're always welcome to reach out to our Customer Service team directly via the IMDb Contact Us Form