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Thu, Sep 22, 2022 4:14 PM


link imdb accounts

An IMDb page has been made in my name with all my current projects listed, I would like to combine it with my own IMDb account so that I have more control over it.

My account is Jess Hayes, and the account I'd like to merge is Jessica Hayes (XVI) - How would I go about doing this?




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Il y a 2 d

Jess: For clarity in how people here can give you instructions, how are you usually credited on screen -- as "Jess Hayes" or "Jessica Hayes"? 




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Il y a 2 d

Hello there @hayesJessica,


My name is Vic from IMDb Support, thank you for contacting us.

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding duplicate pages on IMDb.

It's important to know that updates on IMDb (such as name page merges) can be submitted by everyday users just like yourself - once contributed, a member of the IMDb team will review the update to make sure it's okay to publish. Due to the volume of submissions we receive daily, we're unable to submit requests on a user's behalf, apologies for the inconvenience.

You can request this change through the Edit page button found on one of the pages, for example > https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm11567984/ Jessica Hayes (XVI).

For more information on how to submit a correction and combine name pages, please see the following guide:


Please also take special care to ensure the pages you are merging are both yours, for example that each list only credits belonging to you.

Splitting incorrect merges can take a long time, during which time your page will be listing incorrect information.


Please let us know if we can offer further help.