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Sun, Aug 28, 2022 7:08 AM



IMDb won’t let me claim my own page/ stage name

they said it’s because the name on my credit card does not match my imbd profile since I use a stage name. They then asked what is my relationship with ‘the person’ when it is in fact me. They rejected my passport because it doesn’t match the name. Obviously it won’t match it because I use a stage name. I really want to claim and update my page. How am I meant to do this. Anyone else with a stage name? 




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3 months ago

Hello there @Klaranovak,


My name is Hugh from IMDb Support.


In this case you can provide a photo of a call sheet or a related document where we can check your stage name.


To provide this documentation, go here https://help.imdb.com/file-upload/name_page_claim?ref_=helpcs_c


Follow the on-screen instructions to upload your identity document. Make sure that your name and address, and the issuing authority (e.g., state or country) are visible. Cover, conceal, or remove sensitive information such as account numbers or identification numbers.


Please know that any photos and additional information you've added via IMDbPro will not be visible on the site until we can verify the claim of the page.


Thank you very much.