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Thu, Jan 14, 2021 12:12 PM

I accidentally deleted my account - how can I get it back?

I thought i was deleted only one as I seemed to have two accounts with all my credits, but when I deleted one, they both vanished... This was a while ago so I thought I'd try to see if I can contact IMDB but this seemed to be the only option, posting here... thank you for any help! Bella


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11 days ago

Hi, Bella. Welcome to the IMDb Community forum! If you deleted the account you use to log in on IMDb, then it cannot be recovered. However, the IMDb name page about you (and containing your filmography) would've been unaffected by such an operation, save for the fact that the photo gallery associated with such a page might be vacated of its contents, which can possibly be recovered with the intervention of IMDb customer service representatives, after being claimed (again). Do you understand what I mean? You should try contacting them via while logged into a newly-created IMDb user account if necessary.