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Fri, Nov 19, 2021 7:53 AM



Help Uploading Pictures

OK...I'm completely stumped. I joined IMDbPro simply so I could add and edit data on a deceased musician's page. At this time there are no photos, just the default gray face. I see you can add links to photos. I've been literally wracking my brain for 4 days trying to figure out how to add photos to the image gallery for this person. What am I missing?

Help is appreciated!




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6 m ago

Hello @kellykma71


If you are an IMDbPro member that has a client list, you can view your client list by selecting the "Clients" tab on your claimed IMDbPro page. You will see an option to "request" shared editing permissions for each of your clients who are active IMDbPro members claiming their own page.

Once you send a request, your client will receive an email and will see a banner at the top of their IMDbPro page to ask that they enable shared editing permissions for you, allowing you to edit and manage their page.

For each client page managed through shared editing, you will be able to use IMDbPro’s advanced page customization options for your client's pages via your IMDbPro membership. You'll have the ability to upload images, set primary and featured images, and edit Known For titles for each client's page, with more customization tools coming soon.

For more information and resources about how to request permission to manage your client’s page, please visit this link that will take you to our help pages.