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Sun, Aug 8, 2021 7:45 AM



Delete demo reels

I wanted to delete one demo reel to upload an updated version but after having 2 requests ignored by Imdb over the last few weeks I just want to delete all 3 and start again. For the life of me I can't find any functionality to support this.



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Il y a 9 m

Hi @christangey

Please see the "Can I remove my demo reel" section on our Help page : Manage Your Videos

Demo reels uploaded from your IMDbPro membership can be removed from the Your Videos page.

This page will show all video content that has been uploaded via your IMDb account. To delete your video, click Delete to the right of the demo reel and click Delete in the pop up window to confirm the change. The video should be removed from your page within 24 hours.

If the demo reel does not appear on the Your Videos page, it means it was added with a previous account and can't be removed on your end. 

For more assistance, please visit our Contact Us page while logged into your IMDbPro account and select IMDbPro member > Claim your IMDb Page  (if you are logged out of your IMDbPro account, please select IMDbPro member  > Membership Benefits & Pro tips), then select "Email" and let us know how we can help.