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Tue, Feb 22, 2022 11:22 PM



Confusion and a wrong name and film attached to my page.

I am confused please help.  I have a few issues.  I don't understand.  I am returning to IMDb after a 22-year hiatus from the business.  I didn't have a page until recent years, but my name is attached to some of the productions I worked on.  Having to now jumped into the deep end of the IMDb pool, I am learning.   I added my name to some of the credits of some shows that were missing my name from the credits.  I started to write my bio on what appeared to be my page.  Then I decided go to my account to check my IMDbPro status.  I apparently subscribed a few years ago, but did not follow through on building my page.  Now that I am producing new content and re-entering the motion picture industry, I have learned the importance of maintaining a current IMDb page for myself, television shows and films I am writing, directing and/or producing.  So, I continue to the link that appears a renewal, I paid the one-year subscription, another page open and a wrong name (Roberta Broome) and film are attached to my page.  None of my information is on this page.  I want to know how to consolidate my information to one page.  I don’t know how to proceed.  Please help.  I hope to learn more about IMDB TV as well.


Thank you. very much.  Robert Broome AKA Bobby Broome which is the name I use on all my credits and should be the name on my page.

Maybe, as I just realized, something that could be an issue; I signed in through Amazon and that email address is <redacted>




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Il y a 4 m

Bobby: Please post the links to each of the pages involved with this situation and tell us which information on each page is correct and which is not correct.




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Il y a 4 m

Hello @bobbybroome,


Our customer service team has reached out to you directly for assistance with your account.

For your reference, you're always welcome to reach out to our Customer Service team directly via the IMDb Contact Us Form.