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Fri, Nov 15, 2019 8:01 PM

Confirm Your Contact Data

Starting today, IMDbPro members can give instant feedback on the accuracy of their contact data with the introduction of new “Confirm” buttons, across name pages on IMDbPro desktop, app and mobile site.

When visiting your IMDbPro name page you will notice a new “Confirm” option next to each item in your Contacts sidebar. As the name page owner, only you will be able to see this option. Clicking confirm will prompt the question "Is this contact correct?". Clicking yes will inform IMDbPro that this contact data is up-to-date. Clicking no will inform IMDbPro that this data needs to be updated, and on desktop you’ll be prompted with the option to update it. You can click yes or no on an item as many times as you want and we will always use your latest response. Note the confirm option will not appear if your name has recently appeared in the top 5,000 on STARmeter.


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