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Fri, Sep 2, 2022 7:03 PM



Can't Remove videos from my IMDB page

Hello, I have tried for year to get my videos off my page will no success. I have submitted many time with no response. I uploaded my demo reel and my very first short film The impossible Race years ago. Its now been around 15 years and I really don't want people seeing my fist film or demo reel. Please help me remove these videos. I have looked everywhere and there is no option to do so. It really should be a very easy delete button to removed unwanted videos. 

Would love to remove them from both imdb.com and imdbpro.com

Thank you 



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3 months ago

Hello @ruffpro,


I've updated the tag association on the The Impossible Race video and if no problems are encountered it should update online within 12 hours on all platforms.


Also, I've returned the demo reel access to your account, now you shouldn't see further difficulties deleting it, please try again.

To remove a demo reel, visit the Your Videos page:


and select "Delete" to the right of the demo reel.

If you'd like to upload a new demo reel, please go to the Video Upload page: