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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 8:53 AM


Cancellation of IMDB Pro membership and a Refund

My subscription of IMBD pro got renewed automatically. I want to cancel it today and want a refund. It is not possible to spend so much during this pandemic.


Please tell a way how I can get a refund. IMDB should inform before renewing the subscription. 



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5 days ago

Please email IMDb directly using the Contact Us page

- If you are logged into your IMDbPro account, please select:
IMDbPro member > Membership/Account > Cancel membership
- If you are logged out of your IMDbPro account, please select:
IMDbPro member > Other IMDbPro member issues > Other payment issue



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4 days ago

Hi xyz,


I see our customer service team has responded to your request. Please check your inbox and reply back to the email if you require further assistance.