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Wed, Jun 25, 2014 12:23 AM


Actors of the day

A cycling line on the imdb homepage that pops up showing 4-5 unknown actors who pay imdb. It would cycle through at a certain time limit showing actors head shots with name. Maybe titled "Actors of the day" "Little Known" "I've seen that actor before" or "I know that guy from..." It would be great advertising to go along with our monthly payment, plus advertising for films that may not be from the major studios. I do want to stress this would be for the people who actually pay for imdb and not the people who don't. 




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7 y ago

As a user, I wouldn't mind seeing it.  It'd be nice to take a look at their pages and see what work they've done, where I might have seen them and maybe find some smaller films or off the beaten path shows, etc. It sounds like a good idea and a good/easy way to justify the cost of the Pro service.

I'd certainly be more interested in that than knowing today is Mindy Kaling's birthday (no offense, Mindy...love you, but sorry, not too interested in birthdays).