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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 2:35 PM


Actor photo

Hi, I want to add photo to actor page. I know that I need IMDBPro account. But when I login IMDBPro account I can't add photo to the page of different actor.  How can I add photo?


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21 days ago



Your IMDb Pro account only allows you to add images to your own name page.

If you wanted to add images to someone else's name page you would need to create another IMDb pro account in that persons name. If they are already an IMDb Pro subscriber you would not be able to do this however. And if you wanted the photos you uploaded to remain there, you would need to pay the yearly fee forever.



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21 days ago

Pay for another IMDbPro account and claim that actor's page.



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21 days ago

Hi @qalibabbasov 

As mentioned by Karen_P & bderoes - at this time you can claim and add photos to one IMDb page with your IMDbPro membership. If you'd like to claim the page for another individual, you'll need to log out and create a second IMDbPro membership with a separate account.