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Wed, Jun 29, 2022 9:13 PM



actor photo incorrectly removed


I signed up for IMDbPro and added a photo to my son Abel Bond's Actor page https://www.imdb.com/name/nm13698721/?ref_=login

I subsequently unsubscribed from IMDb Pro.

The image was displayed correctly but has subsequently disappeared.


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5 months ago

What happens to my images when I cancel my membership?
Any images that you’ve uploaded will be removed from the site when you cancel your membership. This may include your primary image and featured image selections, as well as any images which you have added to your gallery.


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Thanks @mbmb​ although given I have paid for an IMDbPro membership and contributed a photo that increases the value and quality of the IMDb dataset, why should I have to continue paying for it to remain there?




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5 months ago

Hello @dbond,

When your IMDbPro membership ends, the following information will be removed from your IMDb page:

  • Any photos and demo reels uploaded via your IMDbPro membership
  • Known For titles will revert to the IMDb algorithm
  • Any self-verified credits added via IMDbPro
  • A set Vanity URL will no longer function
  • Any additional information (including the Performer Profile and Guild Affiliations) added via IMDbPro

Note: your IMDb verified filmography will not be affected by your cancellation.

If your IMDb page does not have any verified filmography credits at the time of your cancellation, it will also be removed.

If you choose to renew your IMDbPro membership in the future, the above information will be restored to your page within 24 hours. 

Please let us know if we can offer any further help.

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Thanks @Edward​.

I did not create the IMDb page.  It was an existing page created already as our son landed a top cast role in the film

3000 Years of Longing. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9198364/

Is there any way I can simply have a photo included for my son without needing to pay on an ongoing basis for it to be retained?

It increases the value and quality of information you present on your platform and I have already paid to put the photo up in the first place.

We would simply like for our son who we are incredibly proud of to be shown in full colour for the great work he has done which is to IMDb's benefit financially (as I have already paid for IMDbPro membership) and platform quality of service (as it further enriches the quality of your data at no cost to you).

Your assistance in resolving this situation would be greatly appreciated.

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Sadly man, that's how the system works here. Not really much that can be done about it.