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Thu, Jul 15, 2021 5:09 AM

IMDb pro worth it?

All I need to do is adding my pic to cast page,is IMDb pro membership worth it? This is what’s happening. I was in the film project, director created my name for cast. I created my IMDb account, but my actor name is already exit ctutuapp uz my director created as cast. So my own IMDb account can’t use same name as my actor name. Cuz it says those name already exist. How can I link my account and actor page? Or it’s not necessarily to link those 2?appvalley


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9 d ago

The account you use to edit stuff on IMDB is your user account.

It is not the same as your IMDB profile and IMDB Pro profiles which are automatically created when you're added to a title.

If you have 2 IMDB profiles with 2 filmographies however, then they need to be merged into the profile with the lowest roman numeral eg. Daniel Francis Gardecki (II) would need to be merged into Daniel Francis Gardecki (I) if I had two filmographies on IMDB.

To add photos, videos, contact details etc and credits for productions which aren't eligible on IMDB like adverts (or commercials as Americans call them) to your IMDB profile you need to pay for IMDB Pro and claim your IMDB Pro profile.

Or simply become a Top 300 contributor and you'll get IMDB Pro membership free for a year.

Is it worth it?

As someone who doesn't work in film or TV like me, definitely not.

As someone who does just one or two small productions a year, maybe not.

As someone who is already a big name, maybe not, as none of the big names seem bothered about the fact they have productions missing from their filmographies, although tbf most of them are usually self credits as guests on other people's shows like talk shows, quiz shows, game shows, panel shows, news shows, documentaries etc

As someone who does a lot of productions, but isn't a known name yet, definitely yes.

If I worked in film and TV, I'd be adding every single production I worked on or appeared in, no matter how big or small they were, along with joining IMDB Pro, so that producers looking for new people know exactly who I am.




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8 d ago

Hi @SorimBela

Please see our help page on explaining: What's the difference between an IMDb page and user profile?

If you decide to start and create an IMDbPro membership (you're welcome to try a 30-day free trial), you will want to claim the existing page that exists with your credit. For instructions on this, see our help page: Claim your page