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Thu, Sep 26, 2019 2:09 PM

Crew accounts vs actor accounts

Is there a difference between crew and actor accounts? I’d like to be able to add credits as a crew member but it seems I’m only able to do so easily as if I were an actor. This happens in the pro app, and when I try to edit my filmography on the mobile site it stops me from adding credits. When will the mobile site be ready for that?




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a year ago

Hi Ari,

We don't support adding crew credits via the IMDbPro app at this time - apologies for any inconvenience! You can do so by logging in to IMDb or IMDbPro using a desktop computer.

You can check out the guide here for further assistance:

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a year ago

When will that be happening? It’s a feature that is incredibly necessary and discriminates against particular members. An app should be analogous to the website. And or make the usage of all features available on the mobile version.