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Tue, Aug 4, 2020 7:43 AM


bing map problem

bing can't find any of our 3 different Companies Office's Addresses, I add several times in Bing map our Addresses but nothing change after few days later.
Why IMDBPro choice Bing? why IMDBPro don't choice better like Google Map? Google Map is better to find an address.


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8 m ago

Hey - for issues with Bing please contact them directly rather than IMDb as we can't offer support for their service. In terms of switching to Google Maps you're welcome to submit this as a suggestion here on Get Satisfaction, as we're always looking to improve the site and this board is one of the places we look for suggestions.

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8 m ago

Hi Grayson, it is true that IMDB is not responsible for what Bing does not do, however IMDB has chosen Bing for the address search, the concern is that Bing is not specializing in the search for addresses on map, even if Bing belongs to Microsoft this has no impact on the fact that Bing is not yet suitable for the search for addresses on map, maybe in the future, but for the moment this is not yet the case, for the moment only Google Map send a paper letter by post to confirm an address of a Company, I don't advertise for Google, but it is a fact that for the moment only Google Map is able to find the most street and company addresses. For my part I have written Bing many times to get them to upgrade the addresses of our offices, to no avail, they never responded and it doesn't make any difference.