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Mon, Mar 12, 2018 7:09 PM

Your Lists no longer includes your most recently updated lists, only random ones (my worst in fact)

To the right hand side of a given list, it says "Your Lists", showing 5 other lists for viewers to next go to.  Up until very recently, the ones listed were relevant; they'd be your 5 most recently edited ones, so if you edited any list, it would instantly go to the top, ensuring that your most popular or most detailed lists were prioritised.  Now for some reason, there's no order to it, in fact the ones currently showing for me are actually my oldest, worst lists, which I don't want people to go to.  I've deleted them (which I shouldn't have to do) because they're terrible, but still there's some listed that just aren't recent, and it goes against the incentive of making a new list or updating an existing one.  Can we revert this feature to its former state?

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