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Sun, Mar 28, 2021 6:51 PM


Why does IMDB needs me to reset my password?


I know my password (it is saved in LastPass) when I try to log in either using LastPass or typing it by hand it wants me to reset it, I am getting this error message:

Password reset required

Please set a new password for your account that you have not used elsewhere.

We'll email you a One Time Password (OTP) to authenticate this change.

I went to my cell where it was logged in (chrome), but when I tried to go to settings it logged me off and I received the same message.

Normally it wouldn't be an issue it is just the registered email is no longer active otherwise, I would just log in update my email address.

I really do not want to register again I had this account for way over 10 years and I have a lot of info on it that I really do not want to lose. I tried looking to directly contact support and I can´t find where to do it from.

Any suggestions? 


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No longer have access to old email address

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Il y a 1 a

It did that for me too today.

I hadn’t used it in so long though.