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Mon, Jun 29, 2015 11:49 PM


Websites where films are available.

IMDb should really add a page for each film listing where users can leave information about where the film is available elsewhere on the Internet, either for DVD purchase or for online streaming purchase. 

I realize that is owned by Amazon and that is why most film listings on IMDb have a direct link to for online streaming purchase (Instant Video) and/or DVD purchase. That is, Amazon is pushing its products on another website that it apparently owns. There I have no surprise or objection, because it just makes sense. 


1) There are really A LOT of films that have an IMDb listing (page) that don't even have a direct link to Amazon, apparently because Amazon doesn't have that film available either on Instant Video or for DVD purchase. This might not be apparent to users who are primarily interested in contemporary American films, but being a user who is interested in classic (old) European films, I often come across IMDb pages for such films that are not even available at For such films, a page where I and other users could leave information regarding other websites where such films are available would be very useful . 

2) At a minimum charge of $2.99 per viewing, Amazon Instant Video is not a very economical way to go for an IMDb user who views a lot of films online. I myself subscribe to,, and where the monthly subscription fee for each site is only $7.99 per month. Also, I find some of the films listed at IMDb at and for no charge at all, that is they are FREE. Being a film fanatic who views a lot of films per month online, it is much more economical for me to pay 3 X $7.99, or sometimes nothing at all to watch most of the films that are also available at Amazon Instant Video at $2.99 per viewing, and I resort to only when the film that I want to view is not available elsewhere. 

3) Although I realize that such information about other websites where a film is available could be just as well posted on the message board of that respective film, most films have really a lot of message board postings and information about where that film is available would just "get lost". Furthermore, a specific page link on the main page of a movie listing would automatically attract users who might not otherwise think about it to add these other websites where the film is available. 

I feel that the fundamental question here is whether is REALLY a "user supported" website as it is purported to be, or is it REALLY just a marketing ploy for If it the former, then adding a page link on the main listing for a film where users could exchange information about where that film is available online besides is reasonable and a good idea. If it is the latter, then it would certainly be against the financial interest of IMDb's parent company,, to direct users to other websites and thereby drain potential revenues.

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