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Sun, Sep 26, 2021 8:03 PM

Watchlist Movies

Why do you have to add movies that you can’t watch on the watchlist? Those movies never are available there just on a watchlist.

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Because IMDB is a database, not a streaming service or a video on demand service.

The Internet Movie Database is a collection of information about productions, not a collection of productions.

Whereas IMDB TV and Amazon Prime Video are video on demand services, and Amazon Prime is a streaming service.

It's like how I constantly have to explain the difference between:

  • The BBC - Which is a TV and Radio Network that is only available in the UK, and is funded by the TV Licence.
  • BBC Studios - Which is a Production and Distribution Company that produces and distributes shows from any network, in any country, as it's funded by global sales.

Another example could be, the difference between:

  • ITV Hub - The free ad-supported VOD service
  • ITV Hub+ - The paid ad-free VOD service

Different names, for different things.

Yes they're similar names, but how else are they supposed to promote their brand, if they don't have their name on everything?

If every title which has been added to IMDB was available to play on IMDB TV or Amazon, then there'd be no reason for any other film or TV company to exist.

What do I use my watchlist for?

I use it mainly to add productions which need updating, occasionally adding shows which look interesting and might watch one day, as it's much better than adding a million space taking bookmarks.

I haven't completely updated any titles on my watchlist yet, and I haven't even looked at it for a while until now. It's bigger than I thought, as I currently have 172 titles on my watchlist, so I might have to start updating and removing a few soon.

I do the same thing with my watchlists elsewhere, like on websites like Youtube, which also contains a lot of stuff I'm not really interested in, but contain interesting information, or will need adding/updating on IMDB eventually.

I currently have 2100 videos on my Youtube watchlist, a lot of which will no doubt be repeats, as Youtube doesn't say whether a video is already on your watchlist or not.

A lot of them will also have been deleted since I added them, as that happens a lot on Youtube, most of the time by the filmmakers or stars themselves, which makes no sense to me, as the only videos which I can understand being deleted, are ones which have problems with copyright.

I know for certain there's between 5 and 10 music videos which have been deleted from Youtube in the last few months, even though the musicians themselves make all the music so clearly has nothing to do with copyright. I suspect it was a management decision, as most of them were from a couple of years ago, and are a slightly different style to their newer stuff.