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Fri, Feb 1, 2019 11:34 AM


watchlist export/ "country" column

I love using the excel export in order to find out what to Watch in a specific moment.
Sometimes, and very often, I ask myslef "which country of the world I would like to Watch and discover" ? 

As a french citizen, for the moment my watchlist is getting polluted by french movies (and... yes, I'm sharing my watchlist with someone who loves french movies... )

Moreover we all observe that many movies are being produced in different countries : example co-production France/ Germany/ Switzerland

So i'm suggesting two things: 
1. first, create a "major country production", meaning the country where more than 50% of the movie is produced (or default: the highest percentage rate)
2. add this "major country production" in the excel  csv export so we could filter by country.

conclusion: on monday, when I feel like watchin a southern korean movie, i just filter by "South korea" !

thanks a lot for reading this proposal.... at everyon's disposal to exchange around this subject.





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2 years ago

This is quite a specific request. In the meantime, you can use advanced title search to achieve a similar effect by editing the URL of certain search results ...

1.!countries=fr&lists=watchlist&count... (movies on your watchlist excluding titles from France).

2.!primary_language=fr&lists=watchlist&am... (movies on your watchlist excluding titled with a primary language of French). 

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a year ago

Thanks a lot. Good to know ! Specific but very usefull to navigate. it's quicker, and smarter i think. I think the "sort by country" is a crucial point for many people : every time we ask ourselves "do we want to read or listen in english, or do we want to have a good rest, take it easy and get a movie in french?
I suppose now it's difficult to modificate excel indicators for csv export.
have a nice day !