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Mon, Nov 18, 2013 9:10 PM


Want Subheadings Google Search

When I Google search my colleague Craig DiFolco's imdb page, a link to his page shows up, followed by links to the page's subheadings:

But when I Google search my boss Aaron Wolf's imdb page, only the initial link shows up, without the subheadings: 

How do I get Aaron's to show up like Craig's does?




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7 years ago

This seems like a Google issue. All the sub-pages will get indexed by the Googlebot and it is down to them how they display the results.

So I'd recommend going to the Aaron Wolf page of results, and at the bottom is a link to report a problem with the page - highlight the IMDB result and ask for them to include sub-pages in the result (even give them the link to the Craig DiFolco results as an example). No guarantees, but I have used it successfully before when one of my IMDB lists was appearing in the #1 slot, then disappearing if you refreshed the page - it now appears consistently after reporting the problem.