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Wed, Jan 29, 2020 3:03 AM


User Report: Plagiarism on IMDb Poll Board

Hello there, 

A new user on IMDb Poll Board is plagiarizing other board members' in-progress polls.

  • GetSatisfaction User: senoj de
  • IMDb ID (of the same user): senojde (ur112972007)

  1. Link: Poll Suggestion: Simply Electric Movies - [ Original list by Ed Jones (XLIX) ]
  2. Link: Poll Suggestion: Top 10 useless facts about random movie - [ Original list by cinephile ]
  3. Link: Poll Suggestion: Schlocky Pictures Part 3 - [ Here, they forwarded the original list itself. ]
  4. Link: Poll Suggestion: Best Video Game Company - [ Original list by BONAFIDE BOSS ]

The user's account was also recently created on IMDb.


@Staff, please look into this issue ASAP, and I request IMDb to delete all the stolen poll idea-suggestions made by this user if possible.

Thank you.

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