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Thu, Sep 25, 2014 8:59 AM

User List filter

I have been a user for IMDB for many years. There is one issue that has been quite awhile on the site.When i clicked on a movie and see the users list associated with the movie, I found those lists are no longer filtered by popularity(or view number). There used to be some really good user list I used as a movie guide. For example, MY ULTIMATE BEST MOVIES: 2000-2014 created by Dr-Faustus, which is directly accessible by clicking through a popular movie. I really enjoy reading those great user lists and find a movie I never see before. 
I don’t understand why IMDB removed such important feature on the site. Let’s say, I click on Avengers (2012) , now all of user lists are randomly sorted. Many user lists are simply something like “movie I watched today”,”my favorite movie this year”, which makes no sense compared to professional user list like MY ULTIMATE BEST MOVIES: 2000-2014. Please add back the option to see user list by popularity, otherwise I feel the user list features is not useful at all.

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