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Mon, Nov 6, 2017 6:26 PM

Updates to the Ratings pages and functionality

Today we have made several updates to our Ratings pages and functionality. We have improved the design of the ratings details page to give it a cleaner, more modern look.

We have also made several changes, listed below. These changes only impact the Your Ratings page on the IMDb desktop Website. You may find much of this information by creating and running custom searches on the AdvancedTitle Search page. For example, to see comedy titles you have rated, sorted by your rating, see this advancedsearch. Or, to see titles you have rated that are in the IMDb Top250 list, see this advancedsearch.

What did we change?

1.     We removed the Compact list view. This was accessible from the far right icon (see A in the screen capture below). The grid view and detailed list view are still available.

2.     We updated the “Sort by” dropdown box. It now provides the two most popular choices: Most Recent (previously called Recently Rated) and Top Rated (previously Your Rating). Sort by: Your rating, Title A-Z, Release date (US),Number of votes, IMDb rating, and Popularity were removed. See B in the screen capture below.

3.     We removed the Refine ratings filters options from the Your Ratings page on the desktop site. See C in the screen capture below.

4.     We removed the Find More Titles tab. See D in the screen capture below.

5.     We removed the Recommended for You section on the User/Ratings page.

6.     We changed the format of data in the Ratings Export. You can export your ratings to Excel by clicking the new overflow menu (the 3 vertical dots) above your list in the updated experience, and choosing Export.

There are many ways to find new titles to watch. IMDb users can use Advanced Search, look through the recommendations for new titles to watch under People who liked this also liked... on any title page, or see Top Rated Movies.

Thank you for your continued support.




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