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Mon, Jun 3, 2019 6:57 PM

Top 100 Positions

Analyzing the data of the whole top 250 I think there are some bot that are downvoting alle the titles in the top 100 voting each title with 50 "4" and 50 "5". The strange thing is that ALL the title seem to get downvoted, even though no new "3" or no new "2" appear (example: usually a title get 30 "4" in a week and all of a sudden get 230 "4"). The distribution is not normal. It is also strange that all the titles these days gets twice votes than usual. Hope this won't affect the beautiful top 250 and only regular user's votes will be counted out..




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a year ago

Hi Honolulu,

Thanks for your concern! We take measures to prevent any attempts at vote stuffing like this. Please see: